Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay, so I'm either a bad mommy or just a super busy mommy....either way I've neglected to updated the blog in FOREVER!!! We had spring break last week, which started with Reed's Meet the World party and ended with Anna's 7th birthday party. Numerous doctors' appointments filled in the middle of our spring break week....because teachers shouldn't miss school for routine appointments that should be scheduled around holidays. :) ANYWAY!! The countdown has begun. After today ended, there are only 37 more school days until summer vacation, when I get to be home for many weeks with my sweet babies. I'm more excited this year than ever!

Reed's party was fantastic. We had a large crowd and lots of fun. Of course, pics will follow in the blog. :) We also finished Reed's christening at church yesterday. Many people were finally able to meet the little miracle that they prayed so diligently for over the past year. How much more real this miracle was when they were actually able to SEE with their eyes the fruit of their labors. It's one thing to HEAR about a miracle, but it's so much more convincing when you SEE the miracle with your own eyes. :)

We will continue Reed's journey through the blog...I just might not get it updated every Sunday like I have been. Now that Reed is mobile, it's a lot harder to get time on the computer. :) Most of my time at home is spent either chasing him or feeding him - since he eats constantly.

I pray that God continues to bless each of you according to His plan for you. Don't forget to find your blessings! They are everywhere around us...too often, we overlook them as we focus too hard on the negatives. The biggest change in me through all of this has definitely been the change in focus. I search for the blessings, the positives, and try not to see the matter how hard it may be.

 Reed &  Tori Jo (who was in NNICU with him) with Nurse Emily from NNICU

Love to all,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

~WOW! What a YEAR!~

One year ago on this Sunday, although the date was different, we were in the most horrible, scariest situation we have ever been in. Our little miracle made his 11 week early debut as a very sickly baby boy. Told he would not make it to Macon, we are now celebrating his 1st birthday!!! With the craziness of our weekly routines, we chose to celebrate today so that we could enjoy it more. We had a small celebration supper, where Reed DEMOLISHED his cake. Before we even had the camera ready, he had already ripped off a good portion of the icing....he needed no help at all! :)  We are so truly blessed to have our miracle baby with us to celebrate his first birthday. God definitely performed a modern day miracle for us.

We are having a 1st birthday/Meet the World party next Saturday for all of our wonderfully devoted prayer warriors to finally get to meet Reed, the product of the faith and continued prayers. We will party from 1:00 to 3:00 at FUMC Activities Center on Saturday, March 19. Feel free to join us as Reed finally gets to meet the wonderful believers who joined together to pray him through his very dark and frightening beginning.

Love to all from a very proud mommy,