Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lord, please, help!!!!

Lord, please, help!!!! Just when I think there can't possibly be anything else that could go wrong..... I'm wrong. My incision is infected.....yes, after 3 weeks it has gotten infected. I've been on antibiotics for a little over 24 hours now, and haven't seen any improvement. I will get it checked in the morning when I see Andy for rehab. He saw it Monday, and will hopefully be able to make a better judgment call. If it's not better tomorrow....Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to Columbus we go....AGAIN!!!! Please pray that the pain and infection get better quickly. My leg has not hurt at all until the past week. To everyone's surprise, I've actually followed ALL doctor's orders.....except for starting back to work 2 days after surgery. :)

Funny thing..... I've had 2 people within 24 hours tell me that God must have something big going on for me because of the unrelenting attacks that keep trying to knock me down. I KNOW with NO doubt that He still performs miracles and IS still in charge of our world and our lives. I think He's giving me way too much credit in thinking I can handle all of this. I do believe if He brings me TO it, He WILL bring me THROUGH it..... I just have a hard time waiting on HIS timing.

Please pray for this infection to clear quickly. Pray also that my spirits improve. I'm getting into a down & out rut with everything seeming to fall apart. I have been so blessed with a WONDERFUL husband who has picked up and carried on with our family life despite my inability to help out and do all the things I usually do. I feel as though my mother in law is taking as much care of me as she does for Reed. I am truly blessed, and will continue thanking Him for the blessings He bestows upon me and my family every day.

Much love to all,

Monday, August 8, 2011


SLOW DOWN!!! Life is passing me by. I need it to SLOW DOWN!!! I can't keep up with everything going on around me when I'm sedated for most of the summer! GEEZ!!! Now it's time for another school year to start. GAH!!!

Okay, let's catch up. Reed had surgery to put tubes in his ears. Surgery went great and he didn't miss a beat! However, he abhors the wax plugs we have to put in his ears for bath time and swimming. :)

I had surgery to lower my left knee cap on July 18. It was an excruciating surgery. I was doing great with physical therapy and getting back to normal life..... And then.... 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery (last Tuesday), my leg broke. It literally BROKE. My bone came apart where it was screwed back together in surgery on July 18. I stepped on it and it literally crumbled under me. I got to ER at TRMC for xrays and pain shot. Then off we went to Phenix City to let Dr. Waldrop fix it again. I had surgery Wednesday to put my leg back together. This time they put 3 sets of screws and 4-pronged staple thingies in to hold bone together, in addition to wrapping it in wire. The first time they put only 2 sets of screws and 4-pronged staple thingies......and that didn't work. :) Now I'm in a brace with steel rods from my hip to my ankle 24 hours a day. Sleep is a very hard thing to do with the brace on my leg.

Now we're back on schedule of waiting for a donor femur to be located to fix my right knee. Hopefully, I'll have time to let my left knee heal completely before this next surgery.

And now it's time for another school year to begin.....  Today I went to my endocrinilogist appointment that I've waited ALL summer for. I absolutely loved the doctor. She was very personable and spent lots of time trying to explain things. We already knew that my thyroid is way out of whack with my Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid disease being in a major flare up. However, she also said I'm in menopause after having my hysterectomy last year. Yes, menopause at 34! She's checking my thyroid hormone as well as my estrogen. Most likely will adjust/change my thyroid medicine and add hormones to level out estrogen issues pending bloodwork they did today. FINALLY, I may actually start feeling like me again!!!

The girls are excited to see who their teachers are for this year. We will meed them tomorrow. This has definitely been a roller coaster summer for our family. Two summers in a row have been crazy. Hopefully, next summer will be a restful and relaxing summer. However, we have to make it through another school year first! 

No pictures today. Reed is hard to catch now that he is walking.....fast and furious! It's more than a full time job keeping up with him. He's finally reached 20 pounds!!! Now if we can just get him to TALK!!!!

Life is so precious...every minute of it. Take time to enjoy the blessings you are showered with each day, and give thanks for all you've been blessed with.

Much love,