Sunday, January 30, 2011

~~46 Weeks Old~~

Reed is 46 weeks old tonight! My, oh, my, has life taken a speed surge! He's completely mobile now, between crawling wherever he wants to go and cruising around the coffee table. :)  My baby is growing up too fast!!! He's eating table food without any problem now...and LOVING it! Today he tried Pibb Xtra for the first time. Oh, you could see the look on his face of remembrance....... I drank at least one 20 ounce Pibb Xtra EVERY day of my pregnancy! He absolutely LOVED it! I discovered last night that he has 4 teeth now. I didn't know there were 2 on top that had cut through the gums. He doesn't like anyone to touch his teeth, so he doesn't give us opportunities to feel for new teeth. :)  Reed's new furniture came in this past week. His mattresses will come in on Tuesday. I'm so excited - it's BEAUTIFUL!!! He wakes himself up every night when he rolls over because he rolls into his bumper pads. Hopefully, moving him to his big boy bed will allow him to sleep better. :)

We are 6 weeks and 1 day away from Reed's first birthday!!! Thank You, God, for such an awesome  year for our baby boy. He started off with a bang, but life has been so calm ever since. We like it that way!

 Reed was so happy to get outside in the nice weather!
 Loving his mommy
 All smiles
 Giving mommy sugar
 Life is good
 Pushing mommy away
 Best buds
 Enough camera already! Shoving the camera
Who me?!?!?!

We are just under 7 weeks away from our 1st birthday/Meet the world BLOWOUT!! I hope you will ALL put March 19th on your calendar and join us for his big party. So many of you prayed us through our dark days, and have wanted to meet this modern-day miracle. This will be a wonderful opportunity for that.

We are beginning another busy week. However, at the end of this one I'll be another year older..... Boy, have I felt this one! I should probably get credit for about 10 years' worth of life in the past year. :)  Thank God for another year to spend with my family and friends! I anxiously await what He has in store for us in the coming year.

Much love to all,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

~~45 Weeks~~

45 weeks old!!!! In 7 weeks and one day, our precious miracle baby will be one year old!!! WOW!! What a whirlwind of a year! We thought, once we finally got home from NNICU, that the one-year mandatory house-bound requirement woudl be HORRIBLE and feel like ETERNITY. But it hasn't! It's been wonderful. It has flown by in the blink of an eye. It's really been nice to have an excuse to make us stay at home. Having followed doctors' orders, we have kept our little man perfectly healthy. He has thrived in an amazing way since March 14, 2010, and we are eternally grateful for God blessing us with him. Although I feel ridiculous, I STILL, probably more so now than when this journey began, cry when anyone asks about Reed. I feel so crazy since he's perfectly healthy and about to turn one year old. I am not a sharer of emotions, and I think all the pent-up emotion has finally begun to leak out....each time I talk about Reed. I, and very few others, know exactly how bad this journey was when it began. I was there every minute of every day, praying for my baby to make progress in the direction of healing. I was on the roller coaster ride that took two steps forward and, on very few occasions, one step back. Enough of my blubbering...

We are having a first birthday party for Reed. We are also combining it with a "Meet the World" party. So many of you faithful prayer warriors have never seen Reed other than in pictures. I'd love to have this opportunity for all of you to be able to see the fruits of your prayers in person. We will have the party on March 19, at the Activities Center of First Methodist Church. I'm not exactly sure on the time yet, but it will be in the afternoon. We would be so honored for each of you to join us as we celebrate a modern-day miracle.

I'll close with some random pics from the past week  I hope each of you has a wonderfully blessed week, and take the time to find those small, often ignored blessings that God gives us each and every day of our lives.

 One of my favorite places to be - riding my roller coaster!!!
 Let the torture begin! Anna put me in her baby doll stroller! HELP!!!

Enough already!!! Get me out! I'm so over this!!! MOMMY!!!

Much love to all,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

~~Call me a slacker....~~

Reed is 43 weeks old!!!

Okay, so I'm a slacker... I never got around to updating the blog last weekend. I truly cherished every minute, to my very last one, that I had on Christmas vacation. :)  For the first time ever, I did NOTHING for school my entire break. I devoted all my time to my babies. :) It was very hard getting back into the work thing this week. Now, we are blessed with a snow day tomorrow!!! YAY!! More time with my babies!

Reed went back to the doctor this week with what we feared was another round of ear infections. He did not actually have infections. However, he was congested from allergies, so we are continuing with the Claritin. He has two really big teeth on bottom, and acts like he's working on some on top. He weighed, unofficially since it wasn't on his official weight check scale, 16 pounds and 3 ounces. He's a big boy!

We are staying busy as he becomes mobile - not walking yet and not really crawling - but scooting all over. He busies himself daily playing with all of his new prizes he got for Christmas. He has developed a strong need to be entertained since the girls and I were home for 2 weeks with him. He no longer likes to entertain himself, but that's okay, too. :)

I am busy planning his first birthday party. We are going to combine it - a first birthday party but also a "Meet the World" party. There are so many people who have prayed without ceasing for this little man, and have been dying to meet him. We have followed doctors' orders and limited Reed's contact with the public. This one-year "sentence" ends when he turns a year old, although we will continue to keep him away from places like Wal Mart. :)  We want all of you who have been such a vital part of his life - even though you haven't met him - by praying for him, or preparing meals for us, or so many other ways - to finally be able to meet Reed. This party will be a time for all to come and meet him. There's no better way than to combine the two events into one big PARTY!!! Save the date - Saturday, March 19th. We are so excited to finally be able to show him to the world!!!!

We had a private Christening for Reed in July. However, the church body was not able to take their part in the vows. The preacher wants to finish the Christening in the church, and we are wanting to do that on March 20th, if the church calendar allows. Oh, how wonderful it will be to finally be able to participate in so many things that we had to put on hold during our year being home bound!!!

Posting many pics from last two weeks. I want to ask for your prayers for a dear friend of mine. She desperately wants another baby, but has miscarried twice. Please lift her up in your prayers...for healing, understanding, and the baby she so desires.

 Reed & Memmy
 Reed & Nurse Emily from Macon NNICU
 Reed on his roller coaster
 Reed in his favorite place - the TUB

 Reed & Mommy :)

Much love to all!