Monday, July 4, 2011

I just can't keep up.....

Summer is supposed to be the time for me to play catch-up from the previous school year...catch up on scrapbook/memorabilia collections; cleaning out bedrooms; catching up on reading; etc. I CAN'T KEEP UP, much less CATCH UP!

We have had a wonderful summer break so far, even with all the doctors' visits and surgeries. I am loving every minute I have to spend with my babies. Reed had tubes put in his ears on June 24th, and is doing fabulously. He didn't miss a beat, and tackled that surgery like a champ.

 Before surgery....the medicine did NOT make him sleepy.
 Having woken up at 5:00 that morning, STARVING and unable to eat, Reed was ready for a nap.....until they gave him the sleepy medicine...
 Then he WOKE up WILD and ready to play!
 My desperate attempt to occupy him while we waited for his turn in the OR......riding in the wagon.
 He turned the other seat of the wagon into a drum...which he beat WILDLY as I drove him around.
 After surgery and a short nap, he was READY for his milk bottle....
 and ready to go home!
 One of my faves!!! This is my life all in one camera shot!
 Being goofy at Target while at the beach......
 Not so happy about being goofy.....
 This is how Reed wakes up.... HAPPY
Don't we all wish we could wake up so happy????
The faith of a child.....and the happiness too, that's what we should all strive for.

Wayne, the girls, and I went to Columbus Friday for an MRI on my left knee. I will be having surgery on it during the week of July 18th.  Unofficially, the date is the 18th, a Monday. I will know for sure this week. I am so ready for some relief. The pain of a kneecap constantly popping out of place is indescribable. Not knowing if your knee will catch you with each step you take is a scary thing to face. I try so hard not to complain..... It's hard to be only 34 years old and not be able to keep up with my three very active children. Being a mommy, of course I push through the pain to do all I can to keep up with my babies....but the pain has gotten to be so much worse. Please pray for an easy surgery and recovery of the left knee and the quick location of a femur match so that I can get the right knee fixed soon, too.

Yesterday in church, the youth director at our church shared the sermon. His message revolved around the thought "Are we really doing all we can to show Christ to those we meet?" If we each really honestly think about this, there are so many more ways we could be reaching out. His question was "Who in your life will you not see in Heaven because you failed to share Christ with him/her?" WOW!!! That one will really make you think. All too often, we become complacent (and sometimes lazy) in our Christian walk. God really kicked my butt in gear with Reed's traumatic beginnings. Should it really take something that drastic or traumatic to make us reach out to others and share His love???? Take a minute and think about those you live with daily at home, work, school, church, etc. Which of those friends, family members, acquaintances, etc. will you NOT see in Heaven because you didn't take the time to share His love with them? Will you hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant" when your name is called from the book of Life? Do all you can while you have the time here on Earth to ensure that you receive that precious compliment on Judgment Day.

I want to share eternity in Heaven with each and every one of you, so if there's anything I can do to help ensure that you are there with me, PLEASE let me know! What a glorious celebration it will be!!!

Much love to all,