Monday, February 20, 2012

~~It's been a while~~

So, life has been completely crazy, and therefore, I've had no extra time to update. Yes, we have had more drama!!! I got the call at school last Wednesday that an ambulance had been called to ABC to pick up Anna, for what I was told was a dislocated wrist. Come to find out....Anna broke both bones in her arm just about the wrist by falling off an exercise trampoline, which she does not remember because she was passing out from pain..... Yeah, got to love a phone call like that! Two hours from checking in at the ER, we were having surgery to put her bones back together. We had a 5+ hour stay at TRMC that evening, which resulted in a hot pink cast accompanying us home. We were so thankful for the pain to be over. This is the exact same break Sara had when she fell from the monkey bars in kindergarten. We blinged up the cast to make it work for our little diva so that she will still be fashionable. :) We had a recheck today to see if the bones had remained where they set them. The bones HAVE shifted some, but not enough to cause any concern. We will have another xray next Monday to be sure the bones haven't shifted any more. We pray that God places these bones where they need to be, and they stay in place.

Fresh out of surgery

All blinged up

Hamming it up for the camera :)
We were overwhelmed at the outpouring of expressions of love in the midst of this emergency. People showed up at the hospital, treats were sent to the house, and visitors came to the house. God has blessed us with amazing people who truly love our little family.

Anna has enjoyed the last several days at home resting, and will return to school on Wednesday. I am pretty sure she's ready! She's been WILD and crazy at home. But I will take wild and crazy over the extreme pain she was in Wednesday as we waited for surgery. I have never seen my baby hurt so badly. I would have traded places with her if I could have...anything to take away my baby's pain.

So many people have expressed their sadness for all we have been through in the past couple of years. Yes, it's been difficult at times, but at least we are ALIVE. We have had a lifetime of medical occurences in the past 2 years, but we have survived and become so much stronger because of them. God has chosen to test us through these trials, and I pray that we have honored Him in our handling of these trials. He has walked with us through every one of these trying times, and given us the strength to come out better on the other side. I truly believe that if He brings us TO it, He DOES bring us THROUGH it. Not once has He abandoned us during our trials.

My prayer is that YOU will turn to Him and turn over to Him whatever you are struggling with right now. Nothing is too small for Him to help with. He desires for you to run to Him with everything and allow Him to help you through whatever you are facing.

I learned today of the news of one of my graduating classmates losing her battle to breast cancer. This really is a wake up call to remind us all that we are not guaranteed the very next minute. We should not take for granted one single minute of our lives. We don't know when God is going to see fit to call us home to be with Him. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Beverly Dillard Carter as they mourn the loss of this young mother and wife.

Tomorrow may be too late. Do you know where you will spend eternity? Are you living your life so that you are ready no matter when the moment comes for God to call you home to be with Him? If not, please consider making that decision today. I'm so thankful that I made my decision many years ago, and that my Heavenly Father was right beside me walking through every one of these extreme trials we have faced in the last two years. I honestly do NOT know how I would have endured without Him by my side.

Much love to all and kiss those babies,

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