Saturday, December 3, 2011

So much to be thankful for .....

Okay, I had just finished my update and the computer erased it all. So, I'm trying again...These past 6+ months have been long and difficult. 5 surgeries in 6 months is enough to drive anyone crazy. I had my FINAL surgery yesterday. This surgery was to put the donor femur piece in with my femur. In order for them to grow together correctly, I can't put ANY weight on my right leg for 4 to 8 weeks. I'm pretty sure this is going to kill me! Being housebound and unable to even drive is not going to make me a happy camper....but if this is how the Almighty Healer fixes my leg I guess I'll just have to obey.

Thanksgiving is the season of stopping to give thanks for all that God has richly blessed us with. We are all so very fortunate that our Father ALWAYS works for the good of His people who love Him. It's fairly easy to publlicly give thanks during the month of December. How much more would God thank us if we were to acknowledge and give thanks for His blessings to us every day of the year???

The past 6 months have begun to shake me from focusing on the blessings, both big and small, and let the negatives sneak back in on me. All of the setbacks with my knee surgeries have been a huge contributor to my losing focus on my blessings. I have had to stop and refocus my attention on the positives, the blessings God has rained down upon us.

Being out of work until January is going to be very hard for me....stuck at home and unable to drive. I'm such a go-go-goer that it's going to be almost impossible for me to stay here all day every day. I had planned to have all Christmas presents bought before surgery, but was unable to do it because of the "expiration" date on the donor bone. I guess I'm going to have to jump on the "internet shopping" bandwagon this year.

God promises He will NOT give us more than we can handle, but I'm at that spot where I want to say, "God, you are really giving me way too much credit....I'm NOT strong enough to weather this storm." I feel like I've been swimming in a torrential flood...unable to come up for air. Now my prayer should be for strength to weather this newest storm.

So the surgery went well. I was in the hospital less than 24 hours. All was well....until I tried to walk from the kitchen to my bathroom when we got home. Reed darted in front of me on my crutches....I lost my balance and FELL face down on the floor. I'm very unsure of whether or not the bones came apart. The nerve block has the knee area just numb enough that I can't feel to see if it feels broken. Called the surgeon, who said to lay and prop leg for rest of weekend. If it's not better, we'll call back on Monday. We are going to get a prescription for a wheelchair on Monday, as well. My left leg is not strong enough to be the sole support of my body.

I have so desperately missed being able to run and walk to exercise and relieve stress. I'm very ready to get back to being ME! I am off work until January 9th because I can't walk wihtout crutches right now.This is going to be difficult with all the Christmas activities going on...and having to miss them.

I got a new devotional book to read while I was in the hospital. I believe Joyce Meyer wrote one of the devotions just for ME. It was about taking care of yourself first. So often, as wives and moms, we put ourselves LAST. However, this is the exact opposite of how it's supposed to be. In order to be able to take care of others, we must first be sure that we are taken care of physicall, emotionally, and mentally. This devotion was SCREAMING my name. I have put myself last for so long that I'm not sure I even know how to look out for myself anymore. This is my area to work on. I need to learn how to put me first so that I can in turn take better care of the other people in my life....most importantly my 3 babies and husband.

This roller coaster began in May, and my prayer is that it is ending with this surgery from yesterday. It has totally changed my focus from the big and small blessings to what all is going wrong. Focusing on the positives in this world we live in is a daily decision...sometimes even an hourly decision we hve to make. In the past 3 weeks, I've been working hard on shifting my focus back to the blessings so abundantly flooding down on us. I'm still searching to see what lesson God is trying to teach me through all of this craziness of surgery after surgery after surgery.....I know He promises not to give us more than we can handle, but I think He thinks I can handle much more than I know. If it's His will, then let it be done....but I"m going to need His help to keep me going until these storms are over.

As we enjoy this Christmas season, are we going to fill our houses with gift after gift after gift so that our children understand that Christmsa is only about getting presents? Or will we instill in them the real reason for this blessed season? If there were not a Jesus, there would not be a Christmas adn definitely not an Easter. Let's realign our priorities to match those that God has set out for us in His word....then everything else will fall into place according to His plan.

We have so many blessings to thank Him for. Let's name these blessings and claim them as our gift from our Heavenly Father. We know He works only for the good of those who love Him. We really can do ALL things through Christ because He gives us the strength we need to carry out His plan for our lives.

 Silly Anna
 Preemie Party 2011 with Mrs. Amy
 Nurse Emily
 Sporting Nurse Jan's sunglasses
 All business....right up his alley driving the tractor at Mark's Melon Patch

 Reed's 1st ride on the Macy's Pink Pig
 Attempting to get a Christams card picture....
FINALLY got one good enough to send.

God is good ALL the time. What blessings has he bestowed upon you and your family? Take time to count your blessings ONE BY ONE. I pray God's peace and love will envelope each of you this Christmas season.

Much love to all,

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